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Lune Nightingale

The heart has reasons, that reason can't understand.

21 October 1982
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Lune Nightingale

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About Me
’Tis not through envy of thy happy lot, but being too happy in thine happiness. – John Keats “Ode to a Nightingale”

Birth Year:1982
Real Name: Heidi

Writing is a bliss all of it’s own. Painting a world of black and white into a brilliant landscape of color in the mind. Writing is the fundamental foundation of our world and society. It is the keeper of all our history, loves, joys, pains, failures, successes and sorrow. I write because it’s like breathing. I write because it’s fun.

Colors Through Black and White
This is a fan journal for my works of fanfiction. This can involve anything from TV Shows, movies, anime, manga, comics, and anything else that touches my fancies. There will also be crossovers and stories born from verses from RP.

Warnings and Disclaimers
I do not own any of the characters of storylines used in the fiction posted on this journal. The characters we know and love all belong to their respective owners.

Also, there will be many questionable topics in some of these works. I will tag these as well as put them in the warning line of each post. Avoid these entries if you don't like them.